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Interesting Facts About Women's Breasts

Interesting Fact About Women
For each woman, the breast is one of the most valuable asset of their bodies. In addition to symbolizing the beauty and femininity, the fact also shows that the breast can arouse sexual desire.

Actually, there are many more shocking facts about breast cancer, who previously may never know. Here are healthy life facts: 7 interesting facts about women's breasts, as described in the Times of India.

1. The left breast is usually larger 

It is rather difficult to see. However, generally the size of the left breast is always bigger than the right. The size and shape of both breasts may not be the same. In fact, the nipple also vary in size from each other.

2. There is a fine hair on the nipples 
How this occurs in women? Women also have hair that grows in the breast, on the nipple area. In fact, blackheads and acne can also appear on your breast.

The average breast weighs about 0.5 kilograms
Each breast is 4-5 percent of body fat. Thus, 1 percent of the total weight of a woman's body from fat in the breast. Breasts can be enlarged when the female adulthood.
But remember, women smokers tend to have sagging breasts than those who do not smoke.

4. More than 2 million women have fake breasts
More than 2 million women have breast implants. This number shows that many women consider their breasts. But in reality, not all women who have breast surgery are satisfied with the results obtained. Research shows that the average age of women using the implant are 34 years old.

5. Breasts become larger when aroused

Just as the penis, the breast will enlarge and become tense when aroused. It also occurs in the nipple.

6. Breast becomes uncomfortable when shaken

Physical activity such as jogging, walking, and aerobics can cause shocking the breast. Therefore, wear a bra with the right size to minimize the movement so that you can also reduce pain in your breast. Remember, the primary function of the bra is to protect the health of your breasts.

7. Breasts can change shape 

It sounds a bit ridiculous, but facedown during sleep is believed to alter the shape of the breast. Important to always keep the sleeping position in the right conditions to maintain the firmness and shape of your breasts. The best sleeping position is to sleep sideways and use a pillow as a cushion to keep the breast form is maintained during sleep.

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