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Tips for Keeping Children's Health

Tips for keeping children's health. Maintain healthy lifestyle for children is one of particular concern for mothers, especially when the seasons are generally accompanied by a host of diseases. When the change of seasons is going on, the body adapt to the extra hard to face the weather changes from dry to rainy season. In the beginning, the air is hot and dry and suddenly become cold-damp. This condition, causing discomfort which also makes the body susceptible to disease. In general, the "pancaroba" will be preceded by rain that is uneven. This causes some areas are still dusty and hot tube.

Furthermore, dust and dirt that remained in the area easily flown by wind to other areas, and to be vectors (carriers) of disease. Children, especially toddlers are prone diseases in the transition seasons. If left unchecked, this will develop into adverse health problems.

Tips for Keeping Children's Health
A. Fever
Fever is one of the health problems that often occurs to children in the transition seasons. This is happening because in this transition season the children suffered a variety of germs (usually viruses) on a large scale. Fever is not an illness. But rather a sign that the body is building a defense against infection. More precisely, a fever can be a symptom of various diseases. Starting from a common infection to a serious infection.

B. Respiratory Diseases
One of the diseases in the transition season, preceded by a fever is a disease of the respiratory system. Fever that a symptom of respiratory disease is usually soft to moderate (37.4 to 39.4 degrees Celsius).

in some cases of influenza in children, fever may reach 39.9 degrees Celsius. The early symptoms of respiratory disease is usually a cough, sometimes accompanied by shortness of breath or cough may also be accompanied by a runny nose, sneezing and the increase of body temperature.

Prevention and Treatment

1. Keeping the child's food intake. Adequate nutrition, according to the age, weight and your child's activity will increase the body's immune system so it will not be easily attacked by diseases

2. Complete it with a multivitamin. This supplement contains a variety of essential vitamins (which can not be made ​​by the body). When given correctly - the composition and the dosage adjusted to the needs of children - a multivitamin can help to improve the resilience of the body so the body will not be easily attacked by diseases

3. Make sure that any food and beverages that consumed by children is guaranteed to be clean. In addition, it should be more hygienic in processing and preparing food from home, persuade children not to snack in vain.

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