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Tips to Prevent and Treat Coughing

Tips to prevent and treat coughing
Coughing is a natural process that important to keep the throat and respiratory is always clean. On a productive cough or cough with phlegm a person who has such complaints may have discomfort due to phlegm in the respiratory tract and breathing difficulty that often leads to stress.

Most people always assume that cough is not a severe disease that can heal itself. Nevertheless, it is not impossible that cough would be very annoying and irritating, and even can infect to others, also cause secondary infection in the respiratory tract.

Cough can be caused by many things such as stimulation of infection include inflammation of the mucous layer or mucus in the respiratory tract such as influenza, bronchitis that caused by bacteria or viruses, and excessive smoking. But it can also due to from mechanical stimulation caused by influx of small particles such as dust, or because of pressure or tension in the respiratory tract and so forth.

The most common cause of cough is an infection or inflammation in the respiratory tract because of a virus or bacteria. This cough is usually followed with cold, and nasal congestion. Cough that left too long without any action can lead to complications. Complications of cough is composed of three kinds, namely a sudden attack that can cause syncope (fainting / loss of consciousness temporarily), severe cough or productive cough can cause rupture of the alveoli (air cavities) in the lung and broken ribs. Therefore, before the cough becomes more dangerous it is necessary to prevent and attempt to resolve it.

Here are some healthy tips to prevent and treat
severe/productive cough : 
1. Drink water at least 8 glasses a day to liquefy phlegm.

2. Bath of warm water will help dilute the phlegm / mucus so it is easy to get out when coughing.

3. Avoid alcohol or caffeine because it can increase the frequency of urination, so increase the release of bodily fluids. Body fluids is necessary to keep the phlegm / mucus remains dilute.

4. Stop smoking and  avoiding exposure the dust.

5. Keep the body warm and take a rest enough.

6. Try the traditional treatment with the following healthy recipes: Drink one cup of ginger pieces, one piece "kencur" of  and 5 clove seeds (taken once a day for 3 days). [dechacare]

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  1. Essential tips to reduce the Cough in a natural way through the regular activities, Really innovative.. Thanks a lot for sharing out.


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