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In our lives, how to think people will continue to evolve, the time will continue to change and new needs will continue to emerge. Businesses will have success if it can adapt to changing times. In fact not only adjust, even when successful business managed to find a new innovation that benefits have not been realized in the present. Thus, in running a business, you are faced with two choices, make your business as a museum or laboratory. If you are still sticking with the old ways, old products and continue to take pride in your heyday in the past, then you make your business like a museum.  

This is dangerous because you unconsciously make your business MPP (Mati Pelan-Pelan). What is MPP? The MPP is not started retirement but Dying Slowly. What are the characteristics of this museum business? MPP characteristics are less customers, cash flow decreases and only pensive when new businesses continue to emerge in the vicinity. Remember, the pool was never filled with fresh water then the fish will die. Well, if you want to continue to grow your business, then make your business as a laboratory. Give space and encourage the culture of critical, creative and innovative in your team. Whatever your business there are always opportunities to innovate. Perhaps the products, services, packaging, marketing, or perhaps in the way of payment convenient and practical. 

How to build creative and innovative culture in your business? It turned out very easy. Get used to ask "What new thing can I do to grow this business, increase sales, increase customer and so on?" Every day, from yourself and then to your team. If there is a good idea or ideas and interesting, you can give her a gift. Rest assured, there will always be opportunities for any business innovation. If you feel you can not do business innovation, it is not true can not, it's more because you have not found the idea to provide innovation for your business. Continue to learn and explore creative ideas for your business. Good luck in business! [Edy D]

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