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Tips for Overcoming Insomnia (Part 2)

Tips for Overcoming Insomnia
Insomnia can be defined as a situation where someone is having trouble sleeping or can not sleep well. The average person has experienced insomnia every once in his life. There are even more extreme states 30-50% of the population experiencing insomnia. 
Insomnia can affect all age groups. However, the incidence of insomnia increases with age. This may be caused by the stress that often get attacked by people aged older. In addition, women more often said to suffer from insomnia than men.
Here are some tips you can do to reduce insomnia attack:

Exercise regularly. Some studies say that regular exercise can help people experiencing problems with sleep. Exercise should be done in the morning and not a few minutes before bedtime. With exercise, you become a more optimal health so the body can fight stress that comes with better.

Avoid eating and drinking too much before bedtime. Foods that too much will cause the stomach to be uncomfortable, while drinking too much will cause your back often to urinate. Of course both these circumstances will disturb your sleep. 

Sleep in a comfortable environment. At bedtime, turn off the lights, turn off the sound, make sure you are comfortable with your sleeping room temperature. Keep your clock from view because it can make you anxious because they can not sleep while the clock more soluble.

Reduce consume drinks that are stimulants or who makes you awake, such as tea, coffee. alcohol and cigarettes. This drink will cause you to wake up which of course you do not need if you want to sleep. 

Don't eat snacks that contain much carbohydrates before bed, if available, add a glass of warm milk. (dechacare)

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